Foundation Mission to Sheba in Israel

May 24, 2010

American Friends of Sheba Medical Center Chairman, Helene Feldman and Mira Bar-Mashiah, President Lead “Foundation Mission” to Israel and Sheba


Building a dynamic and fresh approach to supporting Sheba, American Friends proudly hosted the leadership of several major U.S. foundations at Sheba.  Among those learning more about Sheba and Israel were Mike Reilly from the Troy Aikman Foundation, John Kluge from the East West Institute, Brady Forseth of the Starkey Hearing Foundation and Diana Kaplan of the Hopeful Dawn Foundation.


“Our goal is to bring major foundations to Sheba and Israel both for support as well as educating non-Jewish foundations about the work Sheba is doing to care people globally,” U.S. Chairman Helene Feldman.  This year the American Friends of Sheba organization has joined with the Garth Brooks Foundation Teammates for Kids to build their first international Child Life Zone in Israel at Sheba.  Mike Reilly and the Troy Aikman Foundation work closely with the Zone to support the Child Life Program.


“Recognizing the hardship of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related psychological diseases caused by emotional or physical trauma arising from the violence witnessed in the Intifada, or wars, we have partnered with the Hopeful Dawn Foundation to build the Hopeful Dawn House for PTSD victims at Sheba,” said Mira Bar-Mashiah.  Diana Kaplan, Executive Director joined this mission to assess the location and facilities as she brings Daniel Libeskind to design the Hopeful Dawn House at Sheba.


Brady Forseth, from the Starkey Hearing Foundation in Minneapolis, joined the mission to assess Starkey’s plans for a “Bring the Gift of Hearing” mission to Israel.  Starkey Hearing Foundation has selected Israel and Sheba for one of its global missions where they fit and provide free high hearing aids to those who cannot hear and donate the resources to buy the hearing aids. “It’s a life changer,” said Mr. Forseth.  At the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s Gala, $150,000 was pledged to support this mission to Israel.  The mission is planned for Spring 2011.


Other members of the mission included Tom Bryant, Board Member of American Friends. Tom is an Executive at Digicell, the global leader in mobile phones to developing markets. 


David Bieber, Board Member of American Friends, Executive at Morgan Stanley and the board member who introduced the Garth Brooks Foundation to Sheba, remarked, “The dynamism, vitality and compassion at Sheba is what will provide a lasting presence for the Zone in Israel.  I am thrilled to report that I witnessed that Sheba is truly a Hospital without Boundaries!”


The mission not only learned about Sheba in seminars and meetings with Doctors, nurses and patients, they got a taste of Israel visiting Jerusalem and Masada.  In Jerusalem, the group went to the tunnels under the Kotel, walked the Via Dela Rosa and visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

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