A Night Without Boundaries

September 17, 2011

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Sheba International Leadership Council Presents:

"A Night Without Boundaries"

    Event Co-Chairs:

               Lapo Elkann             &                   Lisane Basquiat

Sheba Global Special Ambassador                    International Humanitarian

Event Visionary:

Jane Oster

Located At:
Broad Street Ballroom
41 Broad Street
New York City

SILC Board:

Tyler Greif, Heidi Lee, Dean Stern, Mandie Erikson, Ronny Kobo, Zak Williams, John Kluge, Jonathan Ahgravi, Omri Bar-Mashiah, Jon Greenbaum, Jessica Youdim, Yossi Nasser, & Ranee Bartolacci.

NWB Committee Members:

Jesse Edelman, German D Chullmir, Nil Taskoy, Ofira Sandberg, Joe Benhooren, Daniel Koch, Salma Gaya, Nicole Dweck, Jane Oster, Erica Greenblatt, Nabia Jenkins Johnston, Karen Tambor, Simon Guindi, Judith Martin, Matthew Inra, Talia Moghaddam, Wendy Quock, Danielle Rubin, Samantha Wadell, Danny Damaghi, Lindsey deMaintenon, Irini Lygnos, & Annabele Vartanian.

On Saturday night September 17th, The Sheba International Leadership Council (SILC) hosted its annual Night Without Boundaries event at downtown’s Broad Street Ballroom.  This magnificent room across from the NY Stock Exchange was filled with young professionals drawn from around the world. They came to join like-minded people to share their commitment and recognition of the need to build greater levels understanding through personal communication.

SILC a pioneering, international association of professional men and women is committed to breaking boundaries of race, religion, ethnicity in the Middle East that typically impede the delivery of first world health care to those in need.  SILC’s mission is to advance the work of Sheba Medical Center, known as "A Hospital Without Boundaries." SILC is committed to Sheba’s mission of “Global Healing.”

The Ballroom was set as one of New York City’s ubiquitous street fairs with food stands everywhere serving NY’s street delicacies.  DJ Danny Chetrit brought the city’s pulsing rhythm to the ballroom. 

The event was chaired by Lapo Elkann, one of Europe’s leading creative, fashion and business icons and Lisane Basquiat, international humanitarian and sister of artist Jean Michel Basquiat.

Elkann, noted that, “I have visited Sheba three times and each time I see the special way they treat everyone – Israeli, Palestinian, Arab – anyone who comes to Sheba for care is the same.  This is a very special place that breaks the expected boundaries wherever they go to bring human compassion to all.” Huge posters told the story of Sheba Medical Center’s global footprint as Israel’s Hospital Without Boundaries.

Tyler Greif, Chairman of SILC, noted, “our dream is to use Sheba Medical Center’s global healing initiatives in Haiti, the West Bank, South America, China and Africa as our platform to bring together a diverse group from many young professional communities of New York and open channels of understanding and humanity which can expand to their communities throughout the world. We took a giant step in that direction last Saturday.”

About Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer, Israel

Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer is a major medical-scientific research powerhouse that collaborates internationally to develop new drugs, treatments and technologies.  It is the most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East and the home of the Israel Defense Forces Rehabilitation Center, providing medical, rehabilitative and psychological treatment for wounded Israeli soldiers.  Sheba is committed as a Hospital Without Boundaries to serving patients regardless of race or religion, treating Arab and Jews, civilians and soldiers – without bias or prejudice as simply people in need of the most advanced medical care.   It is renowned for its leading edge medicine in the fields of diabetes, cancer, cardiac surgery, rehabilitation and medical education. 


Torn By Ronny Kobo


Vita Coco

The Self Portrait Project

Voli Vodka

Gabriella Fine Wines and Importers

DJ: Danny Chetrit

Performances By:

Nick Herman from Quimbombo

Amazing Amy: Yoga Contortionist

Floor Obsession


KG Fare

Event Coordinators:
Feather And Ink

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