American Friends of Sheba Establishes new chapter: Brazil Friends of Sheba Medical Center

Mrs. Diana Nasser of Sao Paulo has accepted the volunteer position of Chairman and Executive Director of Brazil Friends of Sheba. Mrs. Nasser, a prominent member of the Sao Paulo community.

As he introduced Diana to more than one hundred Sheba supporters, Prof Zeev Rotstein, CEO of Sheba stated, “Through the leadership of Diana Nasser, we are very proud and energized that we are expanding the Sheba cause to Brazil.  For more than ten years we have worked  with the Einstein Medical Center. So it is simply good business to form our own organization to advance Sheba’s access to this dynamic emerging economy.  Diana’s personal history with Sheba makes her the perfect leader for us in Brazil”

To establish a credible image in Brazil, Prof Rotstein traveled with world-renown architect Daniel Libeskind to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo so they may present two leading edge medical buildings at Sheba designed by Mr. Libeskind. The media response was enthusiastic. More than 50 media outlets in Brazil covered this Mission to Brazil between February 5 -10, 2012. The highlight of the media’s coverage was a live national TV interview with Daniel Libeskind and Sheba Medical Center CEO Prof Zeev Rotstein. The TV interview was broadcast on Rede Globo the most watched TV channel in Brazil. Two of Brazil’s largest circulation newspapers, Sao Paulo’s Folho de Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro’s O Globo gave Daniel Libeskind and The Sheba Hopeful Dawn Post Traumatic Stress Institute project full page coverage. These newspapers are read by 1 million of Brazil’s most influential citizens.

American Friends of Sheba’s Executive Director Stephan Bassett, worked in advance to shape the interviews so that the media addressed the question, “What was Daniel Libeskind doing in Brazil?” In several paragraphs which appeared in Folha de Sao Paulo and O Globo, Daniel Libeskind stated he was in Brazil to speak about a unique and special building he created to house the Hopeful Dawn PTS Institute at Sheba. He went on to say that the Institute at Sheba in Israel will serve as the global center for the research and care of victims debilitated by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

If you are able to help advance our cause in Brazil, please contact Diana Nasser in Sao Paulo at 


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