IDF Reserve Officer Wounded by Rocket Fire from Gaza Evacuated to Sheba's Trauma Center

An IDF helicopter arrives at Sheba at 10:00 am today with the wounded officer

Soldier's Wife, a Nurse at Sheba, is on Hand to Receive Him

An IDF captain in the reserves, wounded by rocket fire from Gaza this morning as he and his troops readied themselves for a possible Israeli ground operation, was flown by helicopter this morning to the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer for emergency treatment. The 40-year-old officer took shrapnel in his chest and stomach cavity. Dr. Daniel Simon and his staff at the Sheba Trauma Center are seeking to stabilize the soldier, stem his internal bleeding, and improve his breathing. The soldier's wife is a nurse at the Sheba Medical Center, and was on hand to receive her husband as he was carried into the Trauma Center.

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