The Sheba PTSD Institute

Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer Israel is commitment to build and support the first facility in the world focused entirely on transitioning soldiers and civilians with Post Traumatic Stress disorder into productive lives. This project is the first of its kind in the world. We have named the project The Sheba PTSD Institute. The institute will be integrated into Sheba’s already comprehensive Rehabilitation Hospital, and provide for a platform that will house the world’s leading researchers in the field of Post Traumatic Stress disorder. In addition the Sheba PTSD Institute will care for patients transitioning from acute care to an “everyday” environment. There is both a vital need for this facility in Israel, as well as a profound benefit for the unique care provided to soldiers.

The need is described by Dr. Mickey Polliac, a senior psychiatrist at Sheba and renowned specialist treating PTSD, who noted, “I walked the streets of Tel Aviv and found soldiers sleeping on the street, not aware of who they were or just lost. My heart broke, knowing the emptiness these soldiers felt – no where to go, and no one to care for them.” The Sheba PTSD Institute proposition will allow psychologically traumatized soldiers or civilians to live and learn to function in a real world environment learning “life managing” skills.

The Sheba PTSD Institute experience will raise the probability of PTSD patients (victims of terror or battlefield injuries) to return to society as productive humans.

The Sheba PTSD Institute and the professional and medical staff at Sheba will seek to raise the levels of awareness, international dialogue, treatment and related research, for and concerning the PTSD patient, whether in Israel, Canada or the United States.

Operationally, the Sheba PTSD Institute will be part of Sheba’s rehabilitative psychiatric facility and led by staff psychiatrists, Asaf Caspi and Limor Cohen (with day to day input from the psychiatric staff of Sheba and the related research this facility will provide). This effort will provide the highest level of care to Israeli soldiers afflicted with PTSD and act a global resource for information and care regimes for other facilities around the world.